Break in at Sandfields, again!

I have just had a report in telling me that Sandfields has been broken into again, this time via the temporary panel in the front door.

I have relayed this message to Tim Brickley Director in Charge at Persimmon Homes. I have also copied in Debbie Boffin, the senior conservation officer at Lichfield District Council.

Neither of these two people acknowledged or responded to me reporting the last break in, but at least we can do our best and hope that no one get hurt in the mean time.

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Meeting to discuss the outcome of the Heritage Assessment

Meeting to discuss the outcome of the Heritage Assessment, the community consultation and the formalisation of the Friends Group.

Friday 11 April 2014 @ 7:30pm

Curborough Community Centre

Reynolds Close



WS13 7NY

Tel:  01543 417149

Everyone is welcome, tea and coffee will be provided, we would value your input.

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All his Working Days

An oral interview I conducted with Keith Johnson in March 2013. Keith worked for the South Staffordshire Water Company as a chemist; he recalled his working career from school, to the lab at Sandfields pumping station, Lichfield.

Sandfields Labs

Keith is a true gentleman and has kindly recorded some remarkable and fascinating stories about his working life. Oral interviews like these give us the listener, a rich insight into the past lives of some of the employees and working practices of a unique company.

Please take a moment to listen to this fascinating tale.

Download: keith-johnson-his-life-working

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On Sunday 29th June, Chris Pattison will be leading us along the route of the Hanch Tunnel in Lichfield. All above ground of course! Full details to follow but save the date if you are interested in joining us!


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Sandfields Pumping Station has been broken into!

I have had some reports and seen pictures of unauthorised entry to Sandfields Pumping Station. I have reported the problem to Persimmon Homes and the conservation officer at Lichfield District Council, but as yet I have not had a response or acknowledgement.


Please, if you are passing, or live near by, can you keep an eye out.


Thank you

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A memorial to the beam engines…


What I am quite chuffed about is. In this arena, its seems to have taken on a different prospective and meaning. To explain more, I think that a good historical article informs, elicits questions and changes the way you think about the past….

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Sandfields is a beacon in Lichfield and Black Country history; for without it, supplying clean drinking water to a growing Black Country would have been a very different proposition.

Here’s something I came upon by chance I think that not just the Lichfield and South Staffordshire Water contingents will like, but all those interested in steam engines, heavy plant and Victorian engineering.

Regular readers will know I’ve been plugging Dave Moore’s campaign to save Sandfields Pumping Station, just south of Lichfield, for some time now. This remarkable Victorian edifice is not only a handsome and historically important building, but it contains a truly historic, dormant steam pump, which was employed to raise clean water from a borehole and supply it via a long main that ran beside the South Staffordshire Railway, through Brownhills and Walsall, to top up reservoirs in the Black Country.

Without Sandfields…

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A Postcard From The Past – Claymills Pumping Station

I love this place, it’s so much like a day out at the seaside, I wanted to send a postcard back home. The beam engines were decommissioned in the early 70’s and suffered from neglect, vandalism and metal theft throughout the 80’s until a group of people came together to form a trust with the objective of saving these magnificent giants from the past.

The museum now opens on a weekly basis and runs two of the engines on steam throughout the year.

What I find so fascinating about this place is, had you have seen it ten years ago, you would not have been unreasonable in your thoughts to think that restoring this place to its former glory, was a playground for dreamers.

I am so glad that the shear tenacity of these people showed us the way. It is one of the finest examples of people power, showing how a group of volunteers, from all warps of life, have come together and achieved the impossible. This is a community project at it’s best, I love talking to the young people there, who work so dammed hard to preserve this, our heritage, our past and our culture and share it with others, so that they may enjoy it.

Claymills Pumping Station is a living monument to the volunteers who freely give their time; protecting the past, so that you may enjoy its future.

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