English Heritage Listing update status

Today we responded to the consultation report relating to our application to amend and upgrade the listed status of Sandfields Pumping Station.
We listened very carefully to your responses as part of the consultation process and concluded that we should pursue a change form Grade II to Grade II*.

We feel that a Grade II* listing will give better protection to the interior detail of the engine and its components, while giving us some flexibility in any future alternative reuse of the building.
English Heritage have said that;

The re-assessment of Sandfields forms part of a wider thematic project looking at several other engine houses in Staffordshire and the West Midlands. We are aiming to have our assessments of all these engine houses, including Sandfields, sent to the DCMS for their consideration by December. You should hopefully receive notification of the outcome in late December/early January. This is slightly longer than usual but given the scale of the project and the fact that the DCMS would like to receive all our assessments as a batch, we have had to increase the length of this process by a few weeks.

This is now another step small in the right direction, we would like to thanks everyone for their continued support.

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Lichfield’s Arts & Heritage Procession

The Friends of Sandfields is participating in an Arts & Heritage Procession through Lichfield City Centre on the morning of Saturday 25th October.

In addition we have booked a table in the Guildroom (Guildhall downstairs room) and wall space in the Guildhall corridor both of which will be open to the public between 10 am to 4 pm. The table will have some display boards with photos, information about FOS and a few other relevant documents.

We could do with some volunteers to take part in the procession which starts at 10:30 am (muster 10:00 am onwards) in Bird Street by the Kings Head and terminates at the Cathedral around 11:00 am and /or man the display table afterwards.

Please, if you can spare an hour or two on the day please get back to me with some indication of your availability.

If you need any further information please contact Chris Pattison on chrispattison10@gmail.com or 07960 460095 / 01543 414505 who is part of the organising team.

Kind Regards

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Monthly progress meeting of the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station.

The main agenda item of this meeting is to elect a new secretary. The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee.

The Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station are a constituted group who id fighting to save what some see as Lichfield’s most significant pieces of Industrial Heritage, a true hidden gem form the past.
All are welcome to become involved in this challenging but rewarding project.

The meeting place is;

The Cruck House*
Stowe Street
WS13 6BP

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Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station – Monthly Progress Meeting

The next monthly meeting of the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station will take place on;

Thursday 25 September 2014 @7:30pm
The Cruck House*
Stowe Street
WS13 6BP

*Please note the new venue for this meeting.

Membership of the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station is free, however a small donation for use of the room and tea or coffee is most welcome.

Following the confirmation from English Heritage (EH) that they will be submitting an application to the Secretary of State to amended the listing status of Sandfields Pumping Station, this meeting will be an opportunity for the friends have a voice in this application.

We are in a very fortunate position with Chris Hodrien, Secretary of the International Stationary Steam Engine Society (ISSS) has offered his valuable service to us in support of this application.

Chris has worked on a number of project like this, and has many years of experience of dealing with EH and other body’s, bringing endeavours such as these to a successful conclusion.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.

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English Heritage – Sandfields Pumping Station; Listing Status Amemdment

Today we have received news from English Heritage relating to the listing status change we applied for earlier this year. The consensus of the group was that that we attempt to amend the listing status to grade II* or even grade I. We felt this change would bring better protection to the building.

We now have a window of 21 days from today to make any further information or observations on the consultation report which we believe might be relevant to the assessment.

This is the link to the documents that English Heritage will be submitting to the Secretary of State; Consultation Report

Can you please read the report and feed back any thoughts or comments that you feel would be relevant to the success of this application. We certainly feel that a significant history has been omitted in relation to the social and cultural changes bought about by the industrial revolution resulting in the outbreaks of cholera in the Black Country which the provision of clean water was there to address.

We may also be able to build upon the unique characteristics of the engine, and the fact that its condition is recorded as ‘vulnerable’, however we would argue ‘at risk’.

So this we can maintain the integrity of our timetables, can you get responses back to us for 20 September 2014.

Are there any wordsmiths out there who would like to assemble the feedback into a well worded report?

Finally, please remember that the date of the next progress meeting of the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station is Thursday 25 September @ 7:30, the Cruck House Lichfield.


Thank you once again for your generous support.


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Stowe Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6BPmonthy progress meeting

The next meeting of the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station will take place on:

Tuesday 26 August @7:30pm
The Cruck House
Stowe Street
WS13 6BP

Please note the new venue for this meeting.

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The Sandfields Table

The Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station are trying to raise money to save this magnificent building, raising money by auctioning this table.
Table 1

Table 2

Table 3
This is a traditionally made hand crafted coffee table in white oak, with mortise and tennon joinery, and handmade inlays of tulipwood, burbinga, purple heart and maple.The design was inspired by the decorative aspects of the original waterworks combining the graceful curves and decorative ornamentation. The table is unique and has been built as a one off by David Moore, Chairman of the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station.
This piece of furniture is now up for auction at;

Ansons Solicitors
St Mary’s Chambers
5-7 Breadmarket Street

To own it, please make a bid by leaving your contact details and your maximum bid amount with reception.

The auction will end at 4:00pm on Friday 11 July 2014.

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